Epiphone’s Blues Custom 30


Epiphone’s Blues Custom 30 packs a ton of vintage blues tone into an affordable and versatile combo! The markings like name and model have been removed. With 30W of Class AB (switchable to 15W Class A) the Blues Custom 30 is like having two vintage amps in one. The Blues Custom 30 pushes all this tube-goodness through two 12” Lady Luck Eminence speakers.

Epiphone Blues Custom 30 tube amp Features:
Power: 30 AB/15 A W
Type: 100% Tube
Class: A & AB
Rectifier: Tube- 5AR4
EQ: Two Modes-Independent and Interactive
Preamp : 12AX7 (5)
Power: 5881 (2)
Speaker Type: 2X12” Lady Luck by Eminence
Tube Reverb
Channels: 2
Outputs: 4 Ohm (2), 8 Ohm (2) & 16 Ohm
Capture pure Blues tone with the Epiphone Blues Custom 30!

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